Commercial workplace advisor

Our commercial workplace advisor helps you implement the best solutions for your tenants. With our commercial workplace advisor on your team, you gain expertise that ensures future-proof workplace concepts. Rely on us to enhance your leasing strategy with unmatched precision and expertise

Empower you and your tenants 

We identify and design optimal workplace solutions for your current tenants, fostering mutual business growth. Workplace management consulting is your strategic advantage to ensure tenants renew their leases

Specialists in public office tenants

Our team understands the requirements and preferences of public tenants, such as dedicated concentration workspaces, private environments, and facilities with heightened security requirements. This knowledge enables you to develop your properties into benchmark buildings for other public entities and secure new lease contracts in the future

Valuation, analysis & future business case

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your building’s suitability for Activity-Based Working (ABW) concepts and public tenants as part of your leasing assignments and transactions. Obtain a detailed assessment of the tenant’s future space requirements to strategically enhance your leasing strategy

Our consultants boast an extensive and proven track record in user participation across all levels and have crafted a robust methodology to ensure tenant retention, even in competitive leasing scenarios